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We are here, dedicated to style, decorate and present your guests with all your favourite bite-sized, nibble foods. SEE OUR PLATTERS

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Kids Packages

Kids Packages

Nothing is impossible when it comes to your Childs birthday! FIND OUT MORE
Pai falas

Mini Pai Fala

"This is a symbol of hospitality in our household–to welcome, to express warmth, good cheer and good vibes to our guests" Pai Fala BOOK NOW
I am a food artist

I am a food artist.
I paint with food.
The table is my canvas.

"We are all artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality. Mix the colors your own way and apply emotion liberally. Don't be afraid to let your brush strokes show, and above all else, make sure your art has soul."
- Christen Rodgers
Reesie Mose Nesian Bites

- Reesie Mose (Nesian Bites LTD)


Grazing Menus

We venture to execute our grazing menus by adding our personal Poly touch to achieve that wow factor at your next event.

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nesian bites pic

We love all things colourful

Our platters and custom grazing tables will always have colour, life and damn good taste!

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TP+ Nesian Bites

Tangata Pasifika

Check out our video with TP+ About Nesian Bites.

Founder of Nesian Bites NZ

Women of the Islands

“The grazing idea aspect to Nesian Bites stemmed from our 4 year old boy Micah, who is a snack and graze extremist…”

We are based in...

Auckland, New Zealand and can travel all around the country for our customers (travel fees apply).

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nesian bites pic

Slide Nothing is ever too small or too big for us to undertake. We aim to work with you and your budget(whatever this may be). Get in touch for a chat and no obligation quote. We promise, you will not be disappointed. LET'S CHAT