Talofa! I am Nesian Bites, also known as Reesie. I am honoured you're here.

I am a registered caterer and food artist based in Pukekohe, Auckland. I am passionate about delivering exceptional grazing foods with exceptional presentation. I love creating small masterpieces through my passion for the creating process to create grazing platters and tables to bless my family and especially my customers. I work full time while running the business in the weekends for all weekend events.

Our name means – small bite-sized treats and gifts, with a touch of Polynesia; Nesian Bites. Our platters/grazing tables are of high-quality work of art consisting of a colourful and enticing mixture of seasonal fruits, flavoursome cheeses, cured meats, fresh bread, dips, nuts, desserts and so much more. Every platter we will try and include at least one or two small gesture components to highlight who we are as Polynesians. We also offer Polynesian dishes on request.

How did the idea come about?

Platters have always been my “go to” for all our family events because I’ve always loved the concept and especially the presentation side of it. The grazing idea aspect to Nesian Bites stemmed from our 3-year-old boy, Micah, who is a snack and graze extremist. Ever since he could eat solids, I noticed he wasn’t a fan of “proper regular meal”. This is where I had to adapt and come up with ways for him to enjoy a variety of food that was still healthy and able to give him the nutrition he needed. This is how my creative art for platters came about. It grew into a passion and from that passion, Nesian Bites was born.